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I realize this is rather lengthy but I wanted to make sure I gave my thoughts about your facilities and how much I appreciate all of you!

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I would like to thank everyone at Residence Begonia for all of the hard work and care that they have and continue to give to my Mother. She is diabetic and when I first admitted her I was worried since I was not sure if they had ever had to deal with a diabetic before. I was assured that she would be under great care and they would do whatever it took to make her better and more comfortable than she had been. Prior to that she had been at home and under my Brothers care. He was able to keep her blood sugar in check for a long time, but then the diabetes took a wrong turn and she needed to be admitted to the hospital. The hospital did what they needed to do to get her released, but it did not seem to be any more than that. She had been in previous nursing facilities and they could never seem to get her blood sugar in check. After being in Begonia for approx 4 months, she has not only gotten her blood sugar in check, but is more vibrant and even more talkative than she had been in a long time. The staff is very friendly and they ask questions all the time about what else they can do. The owners have been awesome to speak to and very helpful in answering any questions or concerns that I may have as well as calling me whenever there is something that I need to know, or to ask permission before doing anything involving my Mother. I am so thankful to have gotten to meet Bea a few years ago, for I am not sure that my Mother would be in the shape she is now if she had been anywhere else. Thanks Again for everything! Darrell Hook


Bea, Ugo and Loving Staff,
thank you so much for the love you have shown our mother.

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This house setting is so wonderful and she feels like it is her own home. With doctors and nurses on call, we know she is safe and all her medical needs are met.The food is home cooked and Mom knows Bea will cook her favorite foods. She loved it when you all took her to the cancer walk ; it meant so much to her since our sister Brenda died of cancer. Moreover, she appreciated the botanical gardens tour being a flower lover herself. I can’t wait till the garden grows bigger then she will tell you how to do it right! Just joking…You guys are a miracle to us and we could never have found a more perfect place for Mom. Her dialysis nurses praise you for the diet and exercises you have made available to her…Anything mom wants or needs you make sure she gets it-She is treated like a queen… Love,






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